How To Download Ration Card Online

Downlod Ration Card:
Rations card is essential for everyone. Hello everyone, welcome to our website. Here in this article we will explain the detailed process to download AP Ration card. Ration card is essential for evry family. Because government sanction Subcidys, free Goods based on Ration card.  EPDS AP is providing two types of cards to citigens. EPDS means Electronic Public Distribution System. EPDS provides two types of Ration cards based on annual income of  the family. They are
1. White Ration cards
2. Pink Ration Cards
White Ration Cards: In general, white Ration cards are given  to the families those who are below poverty line. In Andhra Pradesh most of the families have white ration cards.

Pink Ration Cards: These Ration cards are given to the families those who are above poverty line.

These Ration cards are also used as Identification purpose. Alomost every family has Ration card in Andhra Pradesh. Every year more number of online applications are taken for new Ration cards. Here in this article we will explain the step bt step procedure to download your ration card. By simply following the procedure you can download the Ration card from official website. In below we provide step by step procedure to check your results.

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Download Ration card online AP

Step By Step Procedure to Download Ration Card Online

You can print or download Ration card from official website. Here in this we provide two ways to download your ration card. In the first way by directly entering Url of Official website you are redirected to Ration card Downloading page. In second way we provide how to download Ration card from starting on google to Print of ration card.

Step 1: First visit the official website

Step 2: After visit the official website you see like in above image. In the official we have complete details of EPDS of Andhra pradesh.

In the official website we have several advantages. From this site consumers can know their details.
Print Ration Card: You can take a print of your ration card from this website. You can get it by simply entering your ration card number. At bottom of the page Print Ration Card option is there. Enter Your Ration card Number in this section and click on Print button. Then your Ration card will be displayed in neaw tab. Take a printout of your Ration card.

Step 3: At bottom of page we have some features. They are Print Ration card, Search Ration card, Transaction history, Application Search.
You can get all these details by simply entering your Ration card Number.

If you face any problems in this process comment below.

In my next article, I provide step by step procedure to Download Ration card with out Ration card Number.

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